For those who didn’t want to participate in the Invisible City Survey with text, we included a Sketch Box. We didn’t originally intend to do anything specific with these drawings…  but then we saw them. And we couldn’t resist.


We engraved the drawings onto blank monuments by painting the surface of the brass black, scribbling on the back of the drawing with a white crayon, and then tracing on top of the original sketch with a pencil – transferring the image, white onto black.

We used a dremel to engrave the traced drawings into the monuments, and then sanded off the black paint to reveal the raw brass.


The questions being answered by these drawings were the same as the questions being answered by the surveys:

Where are you going?

Where do you want to be?


Some of these drawings were from children, some were from adults; some were made as diagrams, others were made as wish fulfillment. Tracing the images with the dremel was difficult – the bit was squirrely – but the results were imperfect and child-like. We like to think they’re charming.


We have a special plan for these monuments – we’ll sprinkle them throughout Delta Garden like little bits of hidden treasure. With any luck, people will stumble across them accidentally, and wonder where they came from.


Copyright Statement - Invisible City Survey

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